Babydoll Southdown Sheep

Characteristics  They have a "teddy-bear " appearance due to the wool on their faces and they appear to always be smiling. To be registered, they must measure less than 24 inches tall (shorn) at the shoulder.

Temperament  Babydolls make wonderful pets. They are quite docile and because of their small size they are easy to handle. With a halter and leash they can easily be trained to walk on lead.   

Uses  Babydolls make wonderful organic lawnmowers. Unlike other breeds, Babydolls do not generally bother trees and shrubs if good grass is available.  They are perfect for small acreage.  Babydolls also make great companions for other livestock like goats and horses.  We have heard they are used in therapy programs because of their mild temperaments.

We currently have no lambs for sale. Please check back often.

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