Bear in his jammas
 Bear dressed as Beardachai for Purim

Bear is a well dressed traveler.


                   Distant cousins?                                                The Bear cabin.



                 Sporting pony slippers.                               Roadside picnic on Ohio turnpike.


   Bear ready for honeymoon in Ohio.                 Making Barauch.


         Catching zzzzzzzzzzzz                    



             Schlomo post tether                    Bear overlooking graveyard at Twinkling

                                                                      Springs Presbyterian Church ca. 1700's 


             Helping drive with Papa                      



              Schlomo's mug shot

   Bear relaxing on porch at honeymoon

    cabin in Ohio Amish country.

    Shopping for a buggy in Berlin


 Doing time with mom in Kidron, Ohio

                      All tuckered out....

        Quite time rocking with mom.



















   Hagafen Wine Jelly

Bear's Corner

Martin's Menorahs
Beautiful Hand Crafted